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My Little Red Adventure Books were inspired when Leanna's children discovered an old photograph of her riding a dirt bike

Show More...My Little Red Jalopy, written by Leanna Craig Lebato and illustrated by Jose Ramos, is an absolute treasure. This is just the first in the author's My Little Red Adventure series. The author takes readers, parents, children and teachers alike, on a playfully sweet journey alongside a young child, who appears to be on the cusp of being a tween, and Jammin', their family dog. This young child and faithful sidekick learn what freedom, confidence and adventure feel like as they explore the area around and near their house in the little red car that the father surprised them with. Leanna Craigh Lebato opens doors for communication with young readers though when her young character faces the potential loss of the exciting, near-child-sized car in My Little Red Jalopy. Yet, the story ends on a note of happiness and gratitude. Leanna Craig Lebato brings to life in the form of her characters stories from her own childhood. Incorporating the absolutely adorable illustrations from Jose Ramos really makes the story pop. The author's words and the illustrations help children feel as though they are actually right there in the moment with My Little Red Jalopy's driver with Jammin' in the passenger seat. My Little Red Jalopy (My Little Red Adventure Books) (Volume 1) is a fun, colorful story tbat will delight young hearts and minds in both boys and girls. This artfully and skillfuy crafted story will make children dream of getting their very own little red jalopy and they'll be asking their parents for more stories from My Little Red Adventure books. Well done! ...Show Less .